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OBJECTIVE To provide potential clients and customers with my creativity and extensive technical skills pertaining to internet, web, and software development.

EDUCATION University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1993-1997
Department of Computer Science, School of Engineering and Applied Science

WORK EXPERIENCE Xtreme Digital Studios, 1998-present (founder)
Position: Lead Game Developer, Programmer

Kesmai Corporation, 1997-1999 (full-time)
Position: Game Developer, Programmer

New Age Computer Services (NACS), 1992-1997 (part-time)
Position: Consultant, Independent Contractor

BDM Federal, Inc., 1993-1997 (full-time)
Position: Associate Staff Member, Programmer

SAIC, Science Applications International Corporation 1997 (part-time)
Position: Developer, Programmer

University of Virginia Information, Technology, and Communication (ITC) Computing Center, 1995-1997 (part-time)
Position: UNIX Consultant and Web Consultant

University of Virginia Computer Science Department, 1994-1997 (part-time)
Position: CS120 Grader

Erolís Computer and Internet Sales, 1994 (part-time)
Position: Technical Support Staff and Computer Sales Staff

BACKGROUND Government Clearance Level: Secret, (1995-present)

Professional Organization Affiliation: Armed Force Communication Electronics Association (AFCEA) Northern Virginia Chapter, (1993-present)

Mr. Trang is experienced with C++, MFC, C, Pascal, HTML, Java, Javascript, CGI, PERL, SSI, Lingo (Macromedia's Shockwave), DirectX, and Assembly languages. He is familiar with AI Development, SQL, ODBC, FORTRAN, BASIC, LISP, and PROLOG. He is highly experienced with various web server configurations on different platforms such as NCSA Web Server, Apache Web Server, Microsoft Personal Web Server, and IIS Internet Information Server). He has worked with various operating system (MS DOS, MS Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and UNIX) and on various machine platforms (IBM PC, Macintosh, SGI, SUN WorkStations, and RS/6000). Mr. Trang has extensive experience with using PC/MS Windows software applications and extensive experience with using, building, and repairing PC hardware equipment. Mr. Trang has created his own homepage, located at the following URL: His homepage employs all the latest technological advances for the World Wide Web, such as CGI scripts, Javascripts, Shockwave Flash and Shockwave Director, and Java programs that he designed and coded, including numerous animation. His homepage received recognition in the July issue of Net magazine, and was one of the firsts to receive the cool site recognition in the people's pages of Yahoo. Mr. Trang has provided database integration with the web on various projects for New Age Web Services and it's clients.

Presently, Mr. Trang is the lead game developer and senior programmer for Xtreme Digital Studios. Xtreme Digital Studios is an internet-based game company specializing in developing online games using Shockwave. (Due to current status of employment, specific experience at this company and current projects can not be disclosed at this moment.)

In 1998, Mr. Trang worked as a game developer and front-end programmer for Kesmai Corporation, a Charlottesville based game company specializing in massive multiplayer online games. While at Kesmai, Mr. Trang was involved in the maintenance and enhancements for Legends of Kesmai (fantasy role-playing game). After completing the revamp of the Graphical Interface for Stellar Emperor (space conquest game), Mr. Trang was assigned to work on the creative designs, storyboard, screen mockups, and game mechanics for War Patrol (submarine game). Mr. Trang was also the key programmer responsible for the development of the Intranet for Kesmai Studios.

In 1997, Mr. Trang worked at BDM International as a software engineer on the Compliance Monitoring and Checking System (CMTS) Program sponsored by the Defense Special Weapons Agency (DSWA) for the Government. The CMTS ensures U.S. compliance with current and pending U.S. multi-lateral and bilateral treaties including the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty, Confidence and Security Building Measures (CSBM) Agreement, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), the START Tracking and Reporting System (STARS), the Open Skies (OS) Treaty and the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). The CMTS provides for automated tracking of all Treaty Accountable Item (TAI) as defined by each negotiated treaty. It also permits the generation, routing and transmission of all notifications through the official U.S. point of contact (currently the Nuclear Risk Reduction Center (NRRC) with the Department of State) to each signatory nation.

In 1996, Mr. Trang received another STAR Award (a company recognition award) for the work accomplished on the JNTF project where he interfaced a graphical plotting tool to the user interface for Combat IV, a theatre level war simulation.

In 1995, Mr. Trang, the key developer and programmer responsible for the development of a terrain modeling tool which uses terrain data provided by the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) to generate a 3-dimensional view of terrain. This view can be rotated in real time and viewed from any altitude or aspect angle. The model is an X-windows based software application originally programmed in C for the PC and then later ported over to the Sun SPARCstation 20.

In the Summer of 1994, Mr. Trang supported the Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis (COEA) of Marine Corps Medium Lift Replacement (MLR) aircraft alternatives. He participated in creating a PC/MS Windows-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Tactical Engagement Model (TACEM). The GUI developed was coded using C++ for Windows and was a key component of the aircraft survivability portion of the COEA. Mr. Trang received a STAR Award, for the work accomplished.

After graduating from Annandale High School in 1993, Mr. Trang was immediately hired as a summer intern by BDM. He was introduced to the Weapon Assessment Model (WAM) for which he helped create data input files, ran the model, and produced view graphs of the outputs.

While working towards his B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Virginia, Mr. Trang has done UNIX and WEB consulting for the University's Information Technology and Communication (ITC) computing center. Mr. Trang was originally hired as a student UNIX consultant. With the growing demand and migration towards the World Wide Web (WWW), the University's computing center found a need to established a new consulting group to deal with web-specific problems. After displaying his abilities to answer technical questions related to developing WEB pages both as a UNIX consultant and during the development of his own professional-quality homepage, Mr. Trang was offered a second, expanded position at ITC. In this position, he utilized his understanding of the World Wide Web (exceeding that of almost all the ITCís full -time professional staff) and his demonstrated capabilities as a problem solver to serve as a consultant on both UNIX- and WWW-related questions and problems. Mr. Trang became the first and only student on the Web Consulting Staff.

In addition to his consulting work, Mr. Trang has worked for the Computer Science Department grading computer assignments and exams for CS120: Introduction to Business Computing. This course, offered at the University of Virginia, is taught in the C++ programming language.

When not working for BDM, Mr. Trang does work for New Age Computer and Internet Services. Mr. Trang was the orginial founder of New Age Computer and Internet Services. He is currently an independent contractor and acting as a consultant for the company where he repairs customer's computers, advises on and assists in buying computers, and builds computers upon request. In addition to hardware repairs, Mr. Trang also does software installations. With the trend to access the Internet, Mr. Trang has done numerous Serial Line Internet Protocol/Point-to-Point Protocol (SLIP/PPP) software installations, providing his customers Internet connections. Another service that he provides is designing and creating professional web pages upon request.

In 1993, Mr. Trang contracted with Fairfax County Public School's Technology Department. He worked on the Hawaiian Project where he produced math applications and math tools. The goal of the project was to take math programs running on Apple computers, examine the programs, and create a duplicate version for the PC. Since no source code was provided, Mr. Trang rewrote the math applications for PCs running MS DOS from scratch using the Turbo Pascal language. A year later, he sold the source code to Fairfax County Public Schools so they could make modifications and extensions while he was away in college.

At the Fairfax Country Regional Science Fair of 1993, Mr. Trangís project titled "Elements of Artificial Intelligence" was awarded first place and numerous organizational prizes. The prizes consisted of a $1000 scholarship, $200 cash, a luncheon, HP-20s programmable calculator, certificate, and an invitation to become a member of the Armed Force Communication and Electronic Association (AFCEA). The project demonstrated various techniques involved in creating an artificial intelligence. The project itself was programmed in Turbo Pascal.

At the Annandale High School Science Fair of 1992, Mr. Trangís project titled "Tetris Upside Down?" received first place. At the Fairfax Country Regional Fair, Mr. Trang was awarded fourth place and various organizational prizes of which consisted of a $100 scholarship and certificates. The project involved coding the game TETRIS from scratch using Turbo Pascal. Mr. Trang gave the game a new twist by turning the game upside down where game elements drops upward instead of falling down.